“Babes and Bullets” by Lou Rawls

1989, Words and Music by Desiree Goyette and Ed Bogas Performed by Lou Rawls Hardly the most impressive track from Lou Rawls' long and distinguished career, but this little earworm served its purpose. ¬†Clocking in at just a minute and change, it was the theme (and only song) in the 1989 animated television special, Garfield's … Continue reading “Babes and Bullets” by Lou Rawls

“Call on Me” by Glenn Frey

1993, Words and Music by Glenn Frey and Jack Tempchin To be honest, this isn't all that great a song, but it has the distinction of being the theme song for a television private eye show that was not just sung by the star, but WRITTEN by the star. Not that the TV show in … Continue reading “Call on Me” by Glenn Frey

“Hank Janson Blues” by Anne Shelton

1953, Words and Music by Peter Cornish and George Korel As recorded by as recorded by Anne Shelton & Hank Janson With Johnny Franz (piano) & Wally Stott and his Orchestra The Hank Janson books, about a hard-boiled Chicago newspaperman (and later, a hard-boiled private eye) were so popular in the U.K. in the 1940's … Continue reading “Hank Janson Blues” by Anne Shelton

“Flitcraft” by The Mekons

Words and Music by The Mekons From the album "Fear and Whiskey" (1985) The Mekons were a¬†scrappy British punk band from Leeds that defied the odds and never quite went away. Instead, they grew up and ended up embracing country, folk, reggae, honky tonk, punk, rock and anything else that tickled their fancies in their … Continue reading “Flitcraft” by The Mekons

“The Continental Op” by Rory Gallagher

(For Dashiell Hammett) 1989, Words and Music by Rory Gallagher Irish blues rocker Gallagher released this bluesy, balls-to-the-wall ode to a personal hero on his 1988 album Defender. The AllMusic Guide said of the album: "There are a few corkers here like "Continental Op," a blazing riff that stands with Gallagher's best work and revisits … Continue reading “The Continental Op” by Rory Gallagher