“Hank Janson Blues” by Anne Shelton

1953, Words and Music by Peter Cornish and George Korel As recorded by as recorded by Anne Shelton & Hank Janson With Johnny Franz (piano) & Wally Stott and his Orchestra The Hank Janson books, about a hard-boiled Chicago newspaperman (and later, a hard-boiled private eye) were so popular in the U.K. in the 1940's … Continue reading “Hank Janson Blues” by Anne Shelton

Hank Janson

Created by Hank Janson Pseudonym of Stephen D. Frances "I had to kinda peel her off me. Her pointed nails seared across my back, tore skin through my thin shirt. A piece of my lip went with her and, as I gripped her bare shoulders, she was panting uncontrollably, eyes swimmy and semi-conscious. A little … Continue reading Hank Janson