Tom Bethany

Created by Jerome Doolittle "That particular spring day, fooling around in the library, I was interested in why good intentions so often end up making things worse than they were before. consequently I was taking notes on a great reform called the Federal Electyion Act of 1971, which gave us political action committees. Before the … Continue reading Tom Bethany

George Kocharyan

Created by E.G. Rodford Pseudonym of Mischa Hiller Cheeky GEORGE KOCHARYAN is Cambridge Confidential Services’ one and only private investigator, but he's not exactly setting Cambridge on fire. He drives a used Volkswagen Golf that's "nearing the end of its natural life" and works out of a third floor office in an old Victorian building … Continue reading George Kocharyan

Jackson Brodie

Created by Kate Atkinson Hailing originally from Yorkshire, Cambridge (and later Edinburgh) moody, broody private investigator JACKSON BRODIE is many things: an ex-cop, an ex-soldier, an ex-husband, a weekend dad and a man who knows what it's like be dragged through the emotional wringer of life. Which is why this series by Whitbread Award winner … Continue reading Jackson Brodie