George Kocharyan

Created by E.G. Rodford
Pseudonym of Mischa Hiller

Cheeky GEORGE KOCHARYAN is Cambridge Confidential Services’ one and only private investigator, but he’s not exactly setting Cambridge on fire. He drives a used Volkswagen Golf that’s “nearing the end of its natural life” and works out of a third floor office in an old Victorian building on the other side of town, worlds away, from the stately, world-renowned university that the town is most known far. He has a part-time assistant, Sandra, and he shares a waiting room with a relationship counsellor, a life coach. a nutritionist and a reflexologist.

The two books (so far) in the series are hardly essential, but they’re bright and breezy entertainment, with just enough P.I. grit in them to add some fibre. It’ll be interesting to see the author takes George, Sandra and her son Jason.


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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