Lao She & Judge Dee Ren Jie

Created by S.J. Rozan & John Shen Yen Nee If you're a hardcore mystery buff, you may be thinking: "Wait a minute! Wasn't Judge Dee a fictional detective in a series of novels written from the b1940s through the 1960s by  Robert van Gulik?" And you'd be more or less correct. Judge Dee (or Judge Di, … Continue reading Lao She & Judge Dee Ren Jie

Ludovic Travers

Created by Christopher Bush Pseudonyms include Noel Barclay and Michael Home (1885-1973) "And that’s not all. Somers is dead too … He poisoned himself … in the lounge!” —from Murder in Fenwold LUDOVIC TRAVERS, a tall, skinny, bespectacled and introspective economist and amateur sleuth, eventually turns pro when he becomes the owner of the Broad … Continue reading Ludovic Travers

Solar Pons

Created by August Derleth (1909-71) "How many budding authors, not even old enough to vote, could have captured the spirit and atmosphere with as much fidelity?" -- Ellery Queen on"The Norcross Riddle" One of the most popular--and certainly the longest-running--Sherlock Holmes pastiches of all comes from the heart of the American Midwest. When he was … Continue reading Solar Pons

Lesley Shane

Created by Conrad Frost & Oliver Passingham Before Honey West, before Ms. Tree and Kinsey and V.I. and Lisbeth and all the rest, there was LESLEY SHANE, written by Conrad Frost and drawn by British artist Oliver Passingham. A savvy, competent private eye doing what had to be done, right there in public for all to see in … Continue reading Lesley Shane

Romeo Brown

Created by Alfred “Maz” Mazure From out of Great Britain came the cheeky comic strip misadventures of ROMEO BROWN, an elegant, dashing young private eye (and charmingly inept ladies man) whose clients—wouldn’t you know it?—were invariably young, totally gorgeous women, all of whom seemed more than willing to be seduced by Romeo's charms. He solved … Continue reading Romeo Brown

Nick Ryan (Hutson)

Created by Shaun Hutson London gumshoe NICK RYAN is your average loser private eye. His wife and daughter have gone off to live with some rich bloke, he smokes too much, drinks too much, entertains rather violent thoughts, has terrible taste in music and he's a very sick man. When his daughter is kidnapped by … Continue reading Nick Ryan (Hutson)

Jasmine Frame

Created by P.R. Ellis Pseudonym of Peter/Peggy Ellis She used to be Jim Frame, a cop (a detective constable, in fact, for the Thames Valley Police), she used to be married, she used to be a man. Now she’s JASMINE FRAME, she’s single, she’s working freelance. And she’s on her way to becoming a woman. … Continue reading Jasmine Frame

John Piper & Quinn

Created by Harry Carmichael Pseudonym of Leopold Horace Ognall Other pseudonyms include Hartley Howard (1908-79) JOHN PIPER was a suitably tough insurance assessor who appeared in four novels in the early fifties, and QUINN was a reporter who worked the crime beat for The Morning Post, a London paper, who showed up in three novels … Continue reading John Piper & Quinn

William Garrett

Created by Natalie Marlow British author Natalie Marlow (apparently her real name) reimagines Chandler's tarnished knight of 1940s Los Angeles as a private inqury agent who is all tarnish. Then she plops him on the decidedly mean streets of 1930s Birmingham, England, in the noirish Needless Alley (2023). Without a speck of chivalry, WILLIAM GARRETT has … Continue reading William Garrett

Francis Quarles

Created by Julian Symons(1912-1994) Sharp-dressed man about town FRANCIS QUARLES was the low-key private detective who worked the clue-ridden streets of post-WWII London, solving countless cleverly plotted fair-play short stories in the fifties and sixties, paying homage to the Golden Age of crime fiction. Most of them first appeared in The London Evening Standard, although … Continue reading Francis Quarles