Marla Trent

Created by Henry Kane Pseudonyms include Anthony McCall, Kenneth R. McKay & Mario J. Sagola; house pseudonym include Ellery Queen (1918-88) MARLA TRENT, one of the first women eyes, first appeared in 1959's Private Eyeful, and later teamed up with author Kane's most famous character, "private richard" Pete Chambers, in 1962's Kisses of Death, and that … Continue reading Marla Trent

Sloane Monroe

Created by Cheryl Bradshaw Outdoorsy "sassy, headstrong" Utah private eye SLOANE MONROE isn't afraid to leave the pavement, especially with her hunky police officer boyfriend in tow, in this well-regarded (well) series of self-published thrillers which have drawn enthusiastic online comparisons at various time to everyone from Sue Grafton and Robert Parker to Mary Higgins Clark … Continue reading Sloane Monroe

Zoë Boehm

Created by Mick Herron "Oxford Town, Oxford Town, Guns and clubs followed (her) down..." ZOË BOEHM is a struggling, forty-something Oxford private eye ("five foot nine, dark-eyed, curly black hair"), who gets mixed up with all sorts of peculiar types, from crossbow-wielding jewel thieves to Motown-loving murderers, in a vivid, literate and "noir-tinged" series by … Continue reading Zoë Boehm

Lennox Cooper

Created by Lily Gardner Evidently, Portland, Oregon police detective LENNOX COOPER didn't get the memo: You don't shit where you eat. And you don't fuck where you work. When we meet her in A Bitch Called Hope (2013), it's been a year since an affair with a married fellow officer got her turfed from the Portland … Continue reading Lennox Cooper

Tootsie Carter

Created by M. Ravenal The Arrangement (2021) marks the debut of  hard-boiled African-American private eye TOOTSIE CARTER, who takes on 1975 New York City armed only with a snub-nosed Colt .38, unmatchable wit, and a pocketful of Tootsie Rolls. It's the first book in the proposed Plainclothes Tootsie Mystery series, which is planned for 26 … Continue reading Tootsie Carter

Belinda Prentice (Exposed)

Created by Charles Moran & Royal K. Cole "You were expecting maybe Senator Claghorn?" -- Belinda greets a new client, who's surprised to discover she's a woman In the 1947 B-flick Exposed, wiseass Los Angeles private eye BELINDA PRENTICE is hired by the wealthy Colonel Bentry to investigate his stepson and heir Bill Forestman, who's been … Continue reading Belinda Prentice (Exposed)

Jerri Johnson

Created by Jim Sanderson JERRI JOHNSON scratches out a living as a San Antonio bounty hunter, tracking down bail jumpers, serving subpoenas and occasionally taking a gig that might not exactly pass the smell test--much to the chagrin of her pal Joe Parr, an aging, recently widowed Texas Ranger, in Safe Delivery, a 2000 standalone … Continue reading Jerri Johnson

Grayson Sykes

Created by Rachel Howzell Hall When we first meet her in her impressive, angry debut, And Now She's Gone (2020), rookie gumshoe GRAYSON SYKES is pushing forty, but she's mostly in a good place. Or at least that's what she keeps telling herself. It seems she has the obligatory troubled past, plus a double-barrel secret in … Continue reading Grayson Sykes

Sally Colt (aka Sally Corbett)

Created by Rex Stout (1886-1975) "Sally... was one of the two women who, a couple of years back, had made me feel that there might be some flaw in my attitude toward female dicks." -- Archie Goodwin SALLY COLT (sometimes known as SALLY CORBETT) is a trim, blonde, blue-eyed, Manhattan-based P.I. who appeared in several Nero … Continue reading Sally Colt (aka Sally Corbett)

Dangerous Dames

A Timeline of Some of the Significant Female Eyes, and the Date of their First Appearance "If it's that delicate,... maybe you need a lady detective." -- Marlowe in The Little Sister (1949) No business for a lady, indeed... Despite various bimbo eyes whose pulchritudinous assets often far outweighed their mental equipment (to paraphrase one … Continue reading Dangerous Dames