Kate Connolly & Vicente Domingo (Maternal Instincts Mysteries)

Created by Diana Orgain

Cozy Alert!

Well, it was bound to happen–with the glut of cozy series clogging up the pipes, and the burning question of why a caterer, a florist, a dog walker or a retired opera singer would continually be involved in homicide investigations, it was really only a matter of time before some of these niche-marketed amateur sleuths turned pro.

That’s the case with Diana Orgain’s “Maternal Instinct Mysteries.” By the fourth book, it was becoming pretty clear that San Francisco stay-at-home new mom KATE CONNOLLY was stretching the limits of credibility and probability when it came to her just happening to become involved in murder cases.

So the author, Diana Orgain, decided to give Connolly (and baby daddy and fellow P.I. VICENTE DOMINGO) a semi-plausible reason to snoop. In her fourth outing, 2015’s Nursing a Grudge (by federal law, all new cozies must have cutie pie covers and groan-inducing puns as titles), Connolly became an official private eye, licensed by the state of California and everything. She figures it’ll be a great way to work from home, all the better to keep an eye on her precious baby girl Laurie.


Of course, babies grow into children, who aren’t as cute, but fear not! Later in the series, Kate gets pregnant again–this time with twins!


Diana Orgain is a USA Today bestselling author. As well as the Maternal Instincts mystery series, she writes two or three other cozy mystery series, including the Scrapbooking series, and the Love or Money series. She lives in San Francisco with her husband and two or three children.



Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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