Kate Connolly

Created by Diana Orgain Cozy Alert! Well, it was bound to happen--with the glut of cozy series clogging up the pipes, and the burning question of why a caterer, a florist, a dog walke5, or a retired opera singer would continually be involved in homicide investigations, it was really only a matter of time before … Continue reading Kate Connolly

Piper & Porter (Darby Piper, Samantha Porter & Tate Porter)

Created by Amanda Flower Cozy, much?  The last name of the Agatha-winning author of this proposed new series is "Flower," who also writes the "Magical Bookshop" series, and the book is published by the publishing wing of Hallmark. It revolves around the Two Girls Detective Agency, run by two long-time besties, DARBY PIPER and her … Continue reading Piper & Porter (Darby Piper, Samantha Porter & Tate Porter)

Frank Malloy

Created by Victoria Thompson Although FRANK MALLOY has been a central figure in Victoria Thompson's long-running and bestselling "Gaslight Mystery" series since Book One (1999's Murder on Astor Place), it wasn't until the nineteenth book in the series, Murder in Morningside Heights (2016) that he becomes a "confidential inquirer". That's the book where the former … Continue reading Frank Malloy