Frank Malloy

Created by Victoria Thompson

Although FRANK MALLOY has been a central figure in Victoria Thompson’s long-running and bestselling “Gaslight Mystery” series since Book One (1999’s Murder on Astor Place), it wasn’t until the nineteenth book in the series, Murder in Morningside Heights (2016) that he becomes a “confidential inquirer”. That’s the book where the former Detective Sergeant opens up his own detective agency, after receiving a substantial financial windfall–much to the dismay and resentment of his old buddies in the New York City Police Department.

Since then, though, he and his one true love (and eventual spouse), series lead and midwife Sarah Brandt have been going at it like blockbusters, investigating everything from “infidelities of the wealthy” to brutal murders of various members of the city’s upper crust.

Everything about this series, from its oh-so-wonderful depictions of the lifestyles of Manhattan’s elite to the almost-Thomas-Kinkade-like depictions of oh-so-picturesque early twentieth-century New York City street scenes (every title in the series name drops a street or neighbourhood) screams “cozy!” but you may hit unexpected pieces of grit, so you’ve been warned.

Then again, if you’re into husband-and-wife detective couples like Anne Perry’s Thomas and Charlotte Pitt, you might feel right at home.


  • Murder on Astor Place (1999)
  • Murder on St. Mark’s Place (2000)
  • Murder on Granmercy Park (2001)
  • Murder on Washington Square (2002)
  • Murder on Mulberry Bend (2003)
  • Murder on Marble Row (2004)
  • Murder on Lenox Hill (2005)
  • Murder in Little Italy (2006)
  • Murder in Chinatown (2007)
  • Murder on Bank Street (2008)
  • Murder on Waverly Place (2009)
  • Murder on Lexington Avenue (2010)
  • Murder on Sisters’ Row (2011)
  • Murder on Fifth Avenue (2012)
  • Murder in Chelsea (2013)
  • Murder in Murray Hill (2014)
  • Murder on Amsterdam Avenue (2015)
  • Murder on St. Nicholas Avenue (2015)
  • Murder in Morningside Heights (2016) Buy this book | Buy the audio Kindle it!
  • Murder in the Bowery (2017) Buy this book | Buy the audio Kindle it!
  • Murder on Union Square (2018) Buy this book | Buy the audio Kindle it!
  • Murder on Trinity Place (2019) Buy this book | Buy the audio Kindle it!
  • Murder on Pleasant Avenue (2020) Buy this book | Kindle it!
Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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