Eliza Scarlet (Miss Scarlet & The Duke)

Created by Rachael New Lord knows there were several "lady detectives" bouncing around in the late 1800s that would make for a great film or television adaptation, but the Irish/Anglo producers of Miss Scarlet & The Duke decided to scratch build their own, no doubt eying the success of such period mysteries as Miss Fisher (Thumbs up!) … Continue reading Eliza Scarlet (Miss Scarlet & The Duke)

Cyrus Barker & Thomas Llewelyn

Created by Will Thomas At the close of the nineteenth century, CYRUS BARKER ("undoubtedly England's premiere private enquiry agent") and his assistant THOMAS LLEWELYN ply their trade on the fog-shrouded (and pointedly multicultural) Victorian streets of London, in an atmospheric historical series of mysteries by Will Thomas. Not exactly Sherlock Holmes, perhaps, but Sherlock-adjacent, and the … Continue reading Cyrus Barker & Thomas Llewelyn

Frank Malloy

Created by Victoria Thompson Although FRANK MALLOY has been a central figure in Victoria Thompson's long-running and bestselling "Gaslight Mystery" series since Book One (1999's Murder on Astor Place), it wasn't until the nineteenth book in the series, Murder in Morningside Heights (2016) that he becomes a "confidential inquirer". That's the book where the former … Continue reading Frank Malloy

Matthew Grand & James Batchelor

Created by M.J. Trow MATTHEW GRAND, formerly of the U.S. Army (he was a witness to Abraham Lincoln's assassination), and JAMES BATCHELOR, an ex-journalist, are a pair of private enquiry agents in Victorian London, in a series of historical thrillers by M.J. Trow that mix (not always successfully) light-hearted hijinks with some pretty gruesome murders … Continue reading Matthew Grand & James Batchelor

Charles Lenox

Created by Charles Finch London in the 1870s. Gas lights. Hansom cabs. Gentlemen's clubs. Fog. And murder. When the going gets tough, who ya gonna call? Evidently CHARLES LENOX, a Victorian sleuth, a graduate of Oxford, the son of a baronet and a very rich gentleman indeed; a former explorer and Member of Parliament, and--much … Continue reading Charles Lenox