Piper & Porter (Darby Piper, Samantha Porter & Tate Porter)

Created by Amanda Flower

Cozy, much? 

The last name of the Agatha-winning author of this proposed new series is “Flower,” who also writes the “Magical Bookshop” series, and the book is published by the publishing wing of Hallmark. It revolves around the Two Girls Detective Agency, run by two long-time besties, DARBY PIPER and her slightly older mentor, SAMANTHA PORTER, in scenic, small-town Herrington, New York, where romantic complications of various sorts–not to mention various dogs and cats–seem to be all over the place.

I’m guessing they’re not going after the James Ellroy crowd.

Still, I was a bit startled (at least at first) to discover the book kicks off with the almost immediate death of Samatha in a car accident, until I discovered that she’s soon replaced by Samantha’s nephew, the handsome but enigmatic (and of course age-appropriate for Darby) TATE PORTER, a veteran who’s seen a few thing things on his travels, and has just inherited sixty per cent of the agency.

Coming soon, no doubt, to a television screen near you…

Amanda Flower is a USA Today bestselling American writer of mystery novels under her real name and the pen name Isabella Alan. She writes for adults and children. She won the Agatha Award for Children’s/Young Adult book in 2015 and was nominated for an Agatha Award in 2010, 2013, and 2014.


  • “Cozy fans will wonder what’s next for Darby—and whether she can come up with a more accurate name for the agency.”
    — Publishers Weekly


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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