Naomi Cottle

Created by Rene Denfeld "Hope was a beautiful thing, Naomi thought." -- The Child Finder Egnigmatic, peculiar NAOMI COTTLE is a young private¬†investigator with an almost supernatural knack for finding lost children. She's a determined and dogged detective, singlemindedly obsessive and willing to spend years on a case, if necessary, sleeping on friend's or client's … Continue reading Naomi Cottle

Moriah Dru

Created by Gerrie Ferris Finger MORIAH DRU, she of the "fair skin and shining blue eyes,"¬†quit the Atlanta Police Department to start up Child Trace, Inc. There she specializes in bringing home children who've disappeared from foster or custodial homes, usually on behalf of one of Georgia's public safety agencies, and often finds herself caught … Continue reading Moriah Dru