Stu Manning (Lonesome Days, Savage Nights)

Created by Steve Niles & Salvatore Simeone Steve Niles' comic book private eye hero Cal McDonald has been hunting down, palling around and mostly knocking off monsters for years, so it seems only natural that eventually he'd create a monster P.I. Which is exactly what STU MANNING is, in Lonesome Days, Savage Nights, a 2020 … Continue reading Stu Manning (Lonesome Days, Savage Nights)

Paul DeSanto

Created by Steve Niles & Scott Morse "His body looked like it had been fed through a sausage press." When a man's partner is killed, you're supposed to do something about it. Right? So when Los Angeles private dick PAUL DeSANTO discovers one of his operatives, Lou "Potbelly" Sanders, dead in a Hollywood alley, he figures he … Continue reading Paul DeSanto

Joe Coogan

Created by Steve Niles and Bernie Wrightson "No use avoiding the obvious. I was dead." -- Joe faces facts This P.I.'s expired and gone to meet his maker! He's a stiff! Rough and tumble Los Angeles private eye JOE COOGAN's life may not have been much. For over twenty years, he drank in between bouts … Continue reading Joe Coogan

Mike Fallon

Created by Scott Morse and Steve Niles In early 2011, Pixar artist Scott Morse and comic book writer Steve Niles (best known for 30 Days of Night and Criminal Macabre, which features ghost-busting P.I. Cal McDonald) announced they would be teaming up to create a new monthly comic book series, Crime and Terror. "We'll be smacking you … Continue reading Mike Fallon

Cal McDonald

Created by Steve Niles  Booze and pills are the least of his demons... CAL McDONALD is another eye chasing things that go bump in the night, a sort of unlicensed private occult detective who appears in a string of novels and decidedly adult comic Criminal Macabre series by Steve Niles. With his zombie traveling companion … Continue reading Cal McDonald