Mike Fallon

Created by Scott Morse and Steve Niles

In early 2011, Pixar artist Scott Morse and comic book writer Steve Niles (best known for 30 Days of Night and Criminal Macabre, which features ghost-busting P.I. Cal McDonald) announced they would be teaming up to create a new monthly comic book series, Crime and Terror.

“We’ll be smacking you upside the head with a bunch of short, stand-alone stories: noir, horror, sci-fi, whatever we want,” promised Morse. “All drawn by me, some written by me, some by Steve. On top of THAT, we’ll be throwing in new prose stories with spot-illos by me. Seriously, monthly is the plan, and every month, you’ll cry with glee as you scream your face off.”

Intended to be an anthology of standalone stories, Crime and Terror would, however, feature one recurring character, hard-boiled private detective MIKE FALLON, who’s “going through some serious personal problems,” according to co-creator Morse.

An extremely limited (500 copies) preview, A Glimpse Of Crime And Terror, a 32-page story in a 9″ x 12″ board book with rounded corners, was released that summer, intended for comic book conventions and meant as a “preview” for the intended launch of an 80 page hardcover “down the line.” Unfortunately, the regularly scheduled monthly never happened, and even Fallon didn’t make the cut. Another story, “Meatbag,” was serialized in Image’s Creator-Owned Heroes, a short-lived anthology series, but it featured another P.I. from Niles and Morse, Hollywood dick Paul DeSanto.

However, the proposed stories must be out there somewhere, because in March 2019, Niles announced on Twitter that: “Crime and Terror is waiting to be collected. @crazymorse and I need to get on that.”


    (2011, Image Comics)
    Special limited edition board book
    32 pages
    Writers: Steve Niles, Scott Morse
    Art: Scott Morse

    • “The Bee’s Knees”
    • “A Glimpse of Crime and Terror”
      Alas, neither of these stories feature Mike Fallon.
Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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