Looking for Robert B. Parker

A Fond Farewell to the Man Who Saved P.I. Fiction By Cameron Hughes I just always assumed that detective novelist Robert B. Parker was immortal, like some kind of literary Highlander. It was actually easy to think so. Writing three books a year, he always seemed to have a new one out or on its … Continue reading Looking for Robert B. Parker

Dennis Lynds (1924-2005)

The Mystery Community Pays Its Respects... (August 21, 2005) I just heard that Dennis Lynds has passed away. Man, I loved that guy. I was just going to drop him a line to check out what I did to his little state-of-the-union address he so kindly offered to this site, and to thank him for … Continue reading Dennis Lynds (1924-2005)

In the Tradition of Hammett, Chandler, Macdonald… and Snoopy

Good Grief Department In August 1983, Peanuts creator Charles M. Schulz paid tribute to detective fiction and another great writer (and fellow Santa Barbara resident): Ross Macdonald, who had passed away a month earlier. It makes me wonder if they possibly knew each other, if maybe after a hard day at the desk the two … Continue reading In the Tradition of Hammett, Chandler, Macdonald… and Snoopy

My Scrapbook: King Bennett Forever!

My Scrapbook A Tribute to Dean Davis' Legendary Detective, The Greatest Private Eye Series That Never Existed! ¬† Back when this site and I were young, someone clued me into a web site about a writer, Dean Davis, and his greatest creation, private eye King Bennett. In over fifty books, from "Bang", Said the Gun … Continue reading My Scrapbook: King Bennett Forever!

Benjamin Drake

Created by Dashiell Loveless Pseudonym of Jim Pascoe and Tom Fassbender "One false step and it's curtains for the floozy!" -- this ain't no foolin' around (By the Balls) He's a P.I. with "a passion for small cigars and Old Grand-Dad, and a weakness for women in trouble", the hot shot op for the Always … Continue reading Benjamin Drake

They Also Served: James Garner

Actor, Stand-up Guy (1928-2014) There is no joy in Paradise Cove. The Mighty Rockford has moved his trailer out for the last time. To one generation, James Garner will always be Bret¬†Maverick, the shifty, cowardly (but charming) card shark of the Old West. For another era, he will always be the tall, handsome leading man … Continue reading They Also Served: James Garner