In the Tradition of Hammett, Chandler, Macdonald… and Snoopy

Good Grief Department

In August 1983, Peanuts creator Charles M. Schulz paid tribute to detective fiction and another great writer (and fellow Santa Barbara resident): Ross Macdonald, who had passed away a month earlier.

It makes me wonder if they possibly knew each other, if maybe after a hard day at the desk the two of them would hoist a few in the back room of some State Street dive, and commiserate. After all, there is a precedent of sorts — Raymond Chandler and Dr. Suess were supposedly La Jolla pals. And let’s face it, Lew Archer would have had a field day with the Van Pelt family.


    Newspaper strip
    Written and drawn by Charles M. Schulz
    • “Untitled strip” (August 9, 1983)
    • “Untitled strip” (August 10, 1983)
    • “Untitled strip” (August 11, 1983)
Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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