Tracer Bullet (Calvin & Hobbes)

Created by Bill Watterson "The dame said she had a case. She sounded like a case herself, but I can't choose my clients." -- Tracer Bullet (Calvin) confronts his mom; something about a broken lamp. . TRACER BULLET is simply one of the best spoofs of the hard-boiled eye to hit the comics page since Snoopy dragged … Continue reading Tracer Bullet (Calvin & Hobbes)

In the Tradition of Hammett, Chandler, Macdonald… and Snoopy

Good Grief Department In August 1983, Peanuts creator Charles M. Schulz paid tribute to detective fiction and another great writer (and fellow Santa Barbara resident): Ross Macdonald, who had passed away a month earlier. It makes me wonder if they possibly knew each other, if maybe after a hard day at the desk the two … Continue reading In the Tradition of Hammett, Chandler, Macdonald… and Snoopy

My Scrapbook: “The Private Eye Who Couldn’t See”

My Scrapbook  "The Private Eye Who Couldn't See" Front cover for August-September 1952 issue of Gang Busters I came across the cover while looking, as is the way of the internet, for something completely different. I have, like, zero idea what the story of "The Private Eye Who Couldn't See" is, but that cover just intrigues the … Continue reading My Scrapbook: “The Private Eye Who Couldn’t See”

Arlo, Janis & Spenser

Plugs for Hire Department It's no secret that Robert B. Parker (or at least his Boston private eye Spenser, had a thing for Jimmy Johnson's Arlo and Janis comic strip. He mentioned the strip frequently in his books, perhaps most notably in Back Story (2003). Even Parker's successor, Ace Atkins, has Spenser still reading the … Continue reading Arlo, Janis & Spenser

My Scrapbook: Mannix in Space

My Scrapbook A Seasonal Greeting Card from the Charleses Super-Fun-Pak Comix by Ruben Bolling for January 24, 2020 I dunno. There's just something really goofy about this one--the idea of Joe Mannix, the iconic TV eye, drifting around the universe like some tweed-jacketed piece of space debris, that appeals to me. I was pointed to … Continue reading My Scrapbook: Mannix in Space

Rip Kirby

Created by Alex Raymond The first modern detective? I'm not sure about that, but REMINGTON "RIP" KIRBY was certainly the most successful -- and certainly the longest-running -- attempt to bring a private eye to the comics page. Written and drawn by comics legend Alex Raymond, the same artist who had previously proven himself with, … Continue reading Rip Kirby

Comic Book Eyes/Alphabetical

     SEE ALSO: Comic Books, Strips & Graphic Novels/Alphabetical 100 Bullets 77 Sunset Strip 87th Street A Grace Adams & Aunt Agatha (The Agatha Detective Agency) Jinx Alameda Mosaku Anchu Angel Angel and the Ape Apocalypse Al Nick Archer (Liar's Kiss) Frank Armstrong (Tumor) Jacob Ashe and Cinder DuBois (Cinder and Ashe) B Barney … Continue reading Comic Book Eyes/Alphabetical

Comic Books, Strips & Graphic Novels/Alphabetical

SEE ALSO: Eyes in Comic Books, Strips & Graphic Novels/Alphabetical 120, rue de la gare (1988, Casterman) 1934 (1988, Dargaud) 77 Sunset Strip (1960-63, Dell/Gold Key) A A.K.A. Goldfish (1995, Caliber) A.R.M. (1990-91, Adventure/Malibu Graphics) Ace Fedora, Private Eye (2004, Arctic Star Studios) The Adventures of Apocalypse Al (2013, Image Comics) The Adventures of Ford Fairlane … Continue reading Comic Books, Strips & Graphic Novels/Alphabetical