My Scrapbook: Mannix in Space

My Scrapbook

A Seasonal Greeting Card from the Charleses

Super-Fun-Pak Comix by Ruben Bolling for January 24, 2020

I dunno. There’s just something really goofy about this one–the idea of Joe Mannix, the iconic TV eye, drifting around the universe like some tweed-jacketed piece of space debris, that appeals to me.

I was pointed to it by my old pal Tim Broderick, cartoonist and creator of the great Odd Jobs web comic featuring private eye David DiAngelo. “Mannix in Space” was the January 24, 2020 comic from Super-Fun-Pak Comix, editor Ruben Boling’s online anthology comic strip that has been called “An anthology comic strip.” Like Ruben says, “These cartoons will put a smile on your face, adventure in your heart, or other things in other body parts. It’s a one-stop comics page and comics website all crammed into one daily comic strip, saving you time, effort and entertainment.”

Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.


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