John Milano

Created by Stanley Ellin

Somehow it just doesn’t seem right to call this guy Johnny. Manhattan private investigator JOHN MILANO is a rather high-flying P.I., rich and powerful, no stranger to the upper crust, with friends in all the right places. He’s the epitome of class, with fine taste in everything from women to clothes. He can also be cold, calculating and self-centred to the point of selfishness.

A true professional.

No charity work here.

Pure business.

Milano’s no Philip Marlowe, that’s for sure, but he is a shrewd detective, specializing in high-price (and high stakes) recovery work for insurance companies. He works for the prestigious Watrous Associates, whose lofty, 30th floor offices overlook Madison and 60th.

Author Stanley Ellin has created two other private detectives, both also rich and powerful men whose motives rarely involve honour but nevertheless prove themselves to be more-than-competent investigators. If you enjoyed John Milano, check out Jake Dekker and Murray Kirk.



Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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