John Milano

Created by Stanley Ellin Somehow it just doesn't seem right to call this guy Johnny. Manhattan private investigator JOHN MILANO is a rather high-flying P.I., rich and powerful, no stranger to the upper crust, with friends in all the right places. He's the epitome of class, with fine taste in everything from women to clothes. … Continue reading John Milano

Jake Dekker

Created by Stanley Ellin Stanley Ellin seems to have cornered the market on cold, calculating and thoroughly professional private detectives serving the rich and powerful of New York, although for while there it seemed Lawrence Sanders was intent on horning in on the action. JAKE DEKKER is a freelance insurance investigator who lives high on … Continue reading Jake Dekker

Murray Kirk

Created by Stanley Ellin Rich, classy man-about-town MURRAY KIRK is a former hotshot young lawyer who takes over as the head of New York's very respectable Conmy and Kirk Detective Agency in Stanley Ellin's Edgar-winning standalone┬áThe Eighth Circle (1958). There's no low rent office with a bottle in the drawer for this baby. Nope. Murray's … Continue reading Murray Kirk