Ray Wyatt

Created by Rick Mofina

A new thriller by Mofina is always good news, but a new trilogy?

Sign me up. 

RAY WYATT is a seasoned reporter, one of the go-to guys for the First Press Alliance, a wire service based in Manhattan that covers the world, which is why Ray seems to always have his bags packed.

Saranac Lake? Vermont? Mexico City?

He’s on it.

He’s still recovering, though, from the loss of his son Danny in a tragic Banff hotel fire, and then of his wife Lisa in a car accident about a year later, but he knows how to dig up facts. And so he’s thrown himself into his work. Still, he’s haunted by the fact that Danny’s body was never recovered…

I know… But there’s something about Rick’s straightforward prose that just gooses his stories along. It’s so clean you can almost see yourself in his jacked-up thrillers, but maybe that’s why they always seems to grab you.


Former journalist Rick Mofina (Library Journal calls him “One of the best thriller writers in the business”) has interviewed murderers on death row, flown over Los Angeles with the LAPD and patrolled with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police near the Arctic, and reported from the Caribbean, Africa, Kuwait and Qatar. The author of more than 30 crime novels, he’s been published in nearly 30 countries, a two-time winner of The Canadian Crime Writers of Award of Excellence (the award formerly known as The Arthur Ellis Award, before wokeness sucked all the air out of the room); a Barry Award winner; a four-time Thriller Award finalist and a two-time Shamus Award finalist, for two of his books featuring tough guy reporter Jack Gannon.


  • “Rick Mofina’s books are edge-of-your seat thrilling. Page turners that don’t let up.”
    — Louise Penny



Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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