Rolly Waters

 Created by Corey Lynn Fayman

Rock’n’roll never forgets?

Recovering alcoholic and reluctant small-time private eye ROLLY WATERS plies his trade  in the San Diego area, but still manages to wield a mean guitar (he once had a major label contract), playing parties and neighborhood bars every now and then.

Not that’s he’s exactly surrounded by groupies or driving gold-plated Cadillacs—he’s overweight, so close to forty he can spit on it, living in his mom’s garage, and driving a shitbox Volvo wagon, his only possession of note a red 1965 Gibson ES-355 that’s easily worth twice as much as his car.

But, surrounded by a coterie of high friends in low places, local riffraff and various miscreants from the rock’n’roll community, and exploits that have more than a whiff of gonzo about them (I mean, really—Homicidal birdwatchers? Alien-obsessed desert rats? Multiple cases involving missing guitars? Dolphins trained to kill?) Rolly does his best.

He’s old enough to play the blues but not ready yet to hang up his rock’n’roll shoes, in an entertaining series that has more emotional heft and grit than you might expect, and should be way more well known than it is.

Turn it up to eleven, man.


According to his bio, “Corey Lynn Fayman has made a career of avoiding the sunlight in his hometown of San Diego, California, where he’s done hard time as a keyboard player for local bands, a sound designer for the world-famous Old Globe Theatre, and an interactive designer for organizations both corporate and sundry. Armed with a B.A. in Creative Writing from UCLA and an M.A. in Educational Technology from SDSU, he’s also taught technology and design courses at various colleges and universities in Southern California. Fayman’s adventures working for the infamous Internet startup led him to conceive the character of Rolly Waters.”



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Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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