A Great and Unexpected Honour

The Thrilling Detective Web Site is in The Library of Congress!

Who knew?

When long-time friend of this site and hotshot librarian Randal S. Brandt said I was listed in the U.S. Library of Congress as a source, I wasn’t even quite sure what he meant.

Randal works at The Bancroft Library at UC Berkeley, one of the largest and most heavily used libraries of manuscripts, rare books, and unique materials in the United States, and he’s been creating “name authority records” in the Library of Congress database for assorted fictional characters (ie: private eyes and other detectives) and using me as a reference, for years. “Your website is a great source of information,” Randal said, “and I routinely use it in my records.”

I had no idea. I was gobsmacked. And flattered.

And apparently Randal’s not the only culprit who’s been ratting me out to the LOC. Other folks have been doing it for a while as well—one of the entries goes as far back as 2002, and there may be others.

What it means is… I dunno. Not exactly. But I’m still flattered.

Here’s a partial list of the pages on which I’m cited, as of August 2023. Most are for fictitious characters, and a few are for authors, and at least one is for a subject. In many, I’m listed as the primary source, and in others I’m relegated to an “also starring” role, but after all these years, it’s sorta cool to be officially noticed.

I’ve included a few links to the Library of Congress, so you can take a peek. Unfortunately, some of the links offered are to my old site, and thus expired (don’t worry, I’m working on it). Then again, we’ve now been around for at least a quarter of a century, and things do get moved around (thank you, Adobe, for screwing that up).

And, as Randall says, “Oh well. There is enough information in the note text for anyone who wants to track it down to find it.”

  • Abbott, Jean
  • Abbott, Pat
  • Ambler, Dail
  • Avallone, Michael.
  • Axbrewder, Mick
  • Baker Street Boys
  • Barrington, Stone
  • Barton, Dick
  • Bentley, Steve 
  • Blackman, Sam 
  • Blane, Torchy 
  • Block, Lawrence
  • Bradley, Mark 
  • Cahill, Rick
  • Clancy, Peter 
  • Clane, Terry
  • Clapp, Austin 
  • Colby, Al
  • Cool, Bertha 
  • Costaine, Tony
  • Cragg, Sam
  • Crane, Bill 
  • DeMarco, Ryan 
  • Dhirendra 
  • Dixon, Erin
  • Drake, Earl 
  • Emerson, Jill 
  • Fistoulari, Ginny
  • Fletcher, Johnny
  • Ford, Roland
  • Gates, Ben
  • Gault, William Campbell 
  • Goodman, Rayford
  • Harrison, Steve
  • Henderson, C. J. 
  • Hite, Quinny 
  • Holland, Billy Bob 
  • Kane, Frank, 
  • Killain, Johnny
  • Lake, Robert
  • Lash, Simon 
  • Leith, Lester 
  • Liddell, Johnny
  • Ludlow, Fina
  • Malloy, Vic 
  • March, Milo 
  • Marshall, John 
  • Marshall, Suzy 
  • McCall, Bert
  • McKnight, Bob
  • Monk, Ivan
  • Morgan, Robert
  • Noir plays
  • O’Malley, Michael
  • Palacios, Rafael D.
  • Pine, Paul 
  • Powell, Graham 
  • Quintabe, Isaiah
  • Randall, Sunny
  • Randisi, Robert J. 
  • Riordan, August
  • Rucker, Billy
  • Scott, Shell
  • Shaw, Floyd
  • Singer, Jacob
  • Slader, Vince
  • Spade, Danny
  • St. Ives, Philip 
  • Thursday, Max
  • Valin, Jonathan]
  • Whitney, Whit
  • Williams, Betty Mabel Lilian,
  • Yamamura, Trygve
Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith, with a big thanks to Randal, who’s always seemed a bit Dodgy to me.

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