Jake Palmer (Pin-up Mysteries)

Created by Dan Ames "If I'd known the bullshit that was about to go down, I never would have had that ninth beer." -- Dan opens Miss February with a confession Taking his inspiration from the beloved centrefold girls of the forties and fifties (and private eye fiction of the same era), Dan Ames' slyly … Continue reading Jake Palmer (Pin-up Mysteries)

John Rockne (Grosse Pointe Pulp)

Created by Dan Ames Once a rookie cop in the well-to-do Detroit enclave of Grosse Pointe, on the shores of Like Michigan, JOHN ROCKNE was kicked off the force after he screwed up big time, making a fatal error in judgement which lead to the brutal murder of a young man. Six years later, he's … Continue reading John Rockne (Grosse Pointe Pulp)