Jake Palmer (Pin-up Mysteries)

Created by Dan Ames

“If I’d known the bullshit that was about to go down, I never would have had that ninth beer.”
— Dan opens Miss February with a confession

Taking his inspiration from the beloved centrefold girls of the forties and fifties (and private eye fiction of the same era), Dan Ames’ slyly updated Pin-Up Mysteries series of novels and short stories featuring private eye JAKE PALMER started off with Miss January in 2018, and have been followed since by Miss February (2019), Miss March (2019), etc.

Lord knows what he’ll do after Miss December

Palmer is your standard issue KU Hollywood dick–Shell Scott-lite, with just enough political incorrectness and modern day saltiness to seem “edgy,” but certainly not breaking any new ground–Ames’ loyal fans (and they are loyal) certainly wouldn’t want that.

Somehow, most of Dan’s tongue-in-cheek cases involve the monthly models for various Los Angeles-based magazines and web sites, as evidenced by the kitschy (but on-so-appropriate) cheesecake covers.


Dan Ames is an “USA TODAY bestselling author,” churning out pulpish novels, novelettes and short stories at a blistering and apparently lucrative pace (he seems to have an endless number of series going on, fast-paced and quickly edited). He’s probably best known for The Jack Reacher Cases, a series about former FBI agent turned private eye, Lauren Pauling, who keeps showing up in the footsteps of Jack Reacher, apparently with the permission of Lee Child. That went well, so now Amas has a second series, The Special Investigators, also set in the Reacher universe.

But have no fear–Ames has more series up his multiple sleeves–there’s his Grosse Pointe Pulp series, featuring private eye John Rockne and another potential spin off series, with Los Angeles gumshoe Mary Cooper.


  • “Ames is a sensation among Kindle owners who love fast-paced mysteries.”
    — MysteryTribune


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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