Eddie Flynn

Created by Steve Cavanagh

“Lawyers don’t usually question whether or not a client is telling truth. That way lies madness. You do what you have to and trust the system. So, the guilty plead guilty. The innocent fight their case and the jury decides. If a by-product of that process is the emergence of the truth, then so be it, but the truth is not the aim of the process. The verdict is the aim. Truth has no place in the trial because no one is concerned with finding it, least of all the lawyers or the judge.”
— The Plea

Some people practice a sort of rough justice.

The sort of justice New York City lawyer EDDIE FLYNN practices is just a little bit rougher than most.

He used to be a hustler. A grifter. A con artist. But somewhere along the line, he decided to use his powers for good, not evil. He went straight.

Or at least straight-ish. True, he became a lawyer; but one with a often peculiar, hands-on approach to justice. plus, he’s something of a shit magnet. And so naturally, he screwed up royally at first (ego and alcohol both being contributing factors), and it cost him both his family and his job.

Now he’s starting over, trying to rebuild a legal career that had barely gotten off the ground, and making amends to his (now) ex-wife.

But he’s still mostly scoundrel, as bent as a corkscrew; a sort of cross between Jim Rockford and Michael Connelly’s Mickey Haller (or is it Perry Mason and Jack Reacher?). He’s got the gift of gab, is tough as old boots, and more than capable of handling himself both inside and outside of the courtroom. He has connections up the wazoo, from learned judges and muckety-mucks to bottom feeders in the Russian mob and assorted freelance thugs, and is in possession of a very specific skill set that includes pickpocketing, lock-picking and enough hustles, grifts and cons to fill five novels and a novella (so far).

Occasionally aiding and abetting Eddie is FBI Agent Harper, who first appeared in The Liar (2017), and returned in Thirteen (2019) as a private investigator.


Steve Cavanagh was born in Dublin, and worked as a civil rights lawyer in Dublin, before turning to crime. In 2018 The Liar won the Crime Writers Association Gold Dagger for crime novel of the year. In 2019 his Eddie Flynn novel Thirteen won the Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Novel of the Year, but then, all of his novels have either been nominated or won awards, or have won awards.


  • The Plea is one of the most purely entertaining books you’ll read this year. It’s a blast.”
    — John Connolly
  • “What happens outside the courtroom is frequently more interesting than what happens inside. Which is saying something, because Cavanagh captures what’s most exciting about the cases and trials procedures as well as anyone does.”
    — The Irresponsible Reader



Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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