S.J. Rook (The Ross Agency)

Created by Delia C. Pitts The Ross AgencyPrivate InvestigationsLost? Missing? Cheated?Your Problems--Our Solutions-- the agency's business card The Ross Agency is a tiny Harlem detective firm on the side of the angels, dedicated to offering affordable services to its clients, taking  those cases the police are too busy--or too indifferent--to solve. Things like tracking down … Continue reading S.J. Rook (The Ross Agency)

Some Great Detective Agencies, A-Z

Alphabetically Yours... More to come as I think of 'em.... The Anthropoid Detective Agency by Louis Trimble The Blue Moon Detective Agency by Glenn Caron (Moonlighting) The Continental Detective Agency by Dashiel Hammett DKA (Dan Kearney & Associates) by Joe Gores The EH Detective Agency by J.B. Jenkins Faraday and Co. by Ken Pettus The Grendelman Detective Agency by Kurt … Continue reading Some Great Detective Agencies, A-Z

The Lunghi Detective Agency

Created by Michael Z. Lewin(1942--) It's a family affair! In Bath, England, when you get in a jam, you could do worse than call in THE LUNGHI DETECTIVE AGENCY, run by three generations (and counting) of a loud and unruly, but affectionate Italian-Anglo family. Not exactly a hard-boiled series, but there's plenty of fun in … Continue reading The Lunghi Detective Agency

Dan Kearney, O.B., Larry Ballard, Bart Heslip, Gisele Marc, etc. (Dan Kearney & Associates)

Created by Joe Gores (1931-2011)   The DAN KEARNEY & ASSOCIATES novels and short stories by Joe Gores are one of the all-time great private eye series; the closest anyone has ever come to a private eye version of Ed McBain's famed 87th Precinct procedural novels. A motley crew of San Francisco detectives, repo men … Continue reading Dan Kearney, O.B., Larry Ballard, Bart Heslip, Gisele Marc, etc. (Dan Kearney & Associates)

Marion Lane

Created by T.A. Willberg I dunno. This seems like a cross between Harry Potter and Harriett the Spy. With some Nancy Drew and Agatha Christie tossed in, and a quick spritz of steampunk, just in case. So you've got a little whimsy,a little fantasy, and a little mystery. We leave anyone out? When we meet MARION … Continue reading Marion Lane


Created by Stephen Mertz Other pseudonyms include Stephen Brett, Jim Case, and house pseudonyms Jack Buchanan, Cliff Garnett, Don Pendleton and Dick Stivers (1947--) "McShan! I want a report!" -- Agatha's refrain Prolific pulpster (and huge P.I. fan) Stephen Mertz's very first novel was Some Die Hard (which introduced Denver gumshoe "Rock" Dugan). It was published back in 1979, but it … Continue reading McShan

Harlan Judd (Eyes)

Created by John McNamara Eyes was a "promising" (Hah! Where have we heard that before?) new private detective drama, heavy on the wry, originally scheduled for the 2004-05 TV season. For whatever reasons, its debut was postponed, and it finally made its debut in March 2005. It starred Tim Daly as slick-as-spit, wisecracking HARLAN JUDD, the … Continue reading Harlan Judd (Eyes)

Frank and Steve Faraday (Faraday and Co.)

Created by Ken Pettus After spending twenty-eight years in a Caribbean jail for a crime he didn't commit (the murder of his partner), allegedly hard-boiled FRANK FARADAY (played by the movies' likable 40's song-and-dance man Dan Dailey) busts out and heads back home to Los Angeles... to a family he doesn't know anymore, on the short-lived series, … Continue reading Frank and Steve Faraday (Faraday and Co.)

Piper & Porter (Darby Piper, Samantha Porter & Tate Porter)

Created by Amanda Flower Cozy, much?  The last name of the Agatha-winning author of this proposed new series is "Flower," who also writes the "Magical Bookshop" series, and the book is published by the publishing wing of Hallmark. It revolves around the Two Girls Detective Agency, run by two long-time besties, DARBY PIPER and her … Continue reading Piper & Porter (Darby Piper, Samantha Porter & Tate Porter)

Glenn Hall, Dana Plant, Roberta Young & Manny Lott (Snoops)

Created by David E. Kelley "So that's why you brought me here--TO WAX ME?" -- Glenn, to serial killer who wants to turn her into a mannequin. Snoops, TV hot shot David E. Kelley's short-lived series, about a high-priced female-owned and operated detective agency in Santa Monica, California, premiered the weekend of September 25, 1999, … Continue reading Glenn Hall, Dana Plant, Roberta Young & Manny Lott (Snoops)