Gil Vine

Created by Stewart Sterling Pseudonym of Prentice Winchell (1895-1976) GIL VINE's a real smoothie, a real charmer, a sophisticate with an eye for the finer things in life, but he's not afraid to put the boot in if he has to. He's the fast-moving hotel security chief at New York's swanky Plaza Royale on Fifth … Continue reading Gil Vine

Colton Parker (Brandt Dodson)

Created by Brandt Dodson According to his creator, private investigator COLTON PARKER is "a man who is troubled. A recent widower who is raising a rebellious teenage daughter, Colton often takes missteps that create his problems. But, he is also capable of learning from his mistakes." He goes on to add that he is also "a … Continue reading Colton Parker (Brandt Dodson)

Tony Costaine & Bert McCall

Created by Neil MacNeilPseudonym of W.T. Ballard (Willis Todhunter Ballard)Other pseudonyms include P. D. Ballard, Harrison Hunt,  John Shepherd(1903-80) TONY COSTAINE and BERT McCALL were these two high-flying, happy-go-lucky high-priced eyes who made like a couple of swinging dicks in the Rat Pack era of the late fifties/early sixties. But never let it be said … Continue reading Tony Costaine & Bert McCall

Gregor Demarkian

Created by Jane Haddam Pseudonym of Orania Papazoglou (1951-2019 ) Okay, okay... I know. I should have done this one a long-time ago. What can I say? And although GREGOR DEMARKIAN probably doesn't really consider himself a private eye (he's even embarrassed that his local paper, The Philadelphia Inquirer, frequently refers to him as "the … Continue reading Gregor Demarkian

Rick Harper

Created by David Mazroff(1907-82) San Francisco-based RICK HARPER is a "big, tough, hard" private eye whom the police seem to respect, and even turn to, when they just can't seem to crack a case. He appeared a few times in the crime digests of the early seventies. He's six feet tall, thirty years of age, … Continue reading Rick Harper

Henry Savage

Created by Irwin Gielgud (1919-61) & Gwen (née Bagni) Gielgud (1913-2001) Savage is the Name was a pretty good title for a proposed television show that would have starred Barry Sullivan as HENRY SAVAGE, a former FBI Agent turned security specialist for a major airline, with Pat O'Brien as his sidekick. The pilot for the show … Continue reading Henry Savage

Lemmy Caution

Created by Peter Cheyney (1896-1951) "It's hot as hell. Away down the dirt road some guy's playin' one of them wailin' Mexican fandangles which give me that twilight feelin'... maybe it'd be a relief to start dyin'." -- Don't Get Me Wrong Arguably his most popular creation, Australian writer Peter Cheyney's LEMMY CAUTION started out in This … Continue reading Lemmy Caution

Scott Drayco

Created by B.V. Lawson Handsome former classical piano whiz SCOTT DRAYCO never dreamed he'd end up working for the FBI for years, never mind eventually setting himself up in the the private sector as a battle-scarred "crime consultant." But then he never expected to inherit a falling down Opera House, either. But that's what's happened. … Continue reading Scott Drayco