Colton Parker (Brandt Dodson)

Created by Brandt Dodson

According to his creator, private investigator COLTON PARKER is “a man who is troubled. A recent widower who is raising a rebellious teenage daughter, Colton often takes missteps that create his problems. But, he is also capable of learning from his mistakes.”

He goes on to add that he is also “a man who cares deeply for others, yet often fails to recognize that in himself. He will often champion their cause, at a great cost to himself. In essence, he is like most of us. A work in progress. A true ‘diamond in the rough'”

There’s something slightly larger-than-life about his cases, not–we’re told–unlike Lee Child’s Jack Reacher (if Jack was an ex-cop, recently fired from the FBI and lived with Callie, a resentful teenage daughter who blames him for her mother’s death), as he tangles with international assassins in one book and outlaw bikers in another. But there’s also  a surprising amount of touchy-feeliness, with the author boasting how in one novel Colton “finds…his definition of happiness (coming) under assault and he learns the value of the relationships around him.”


Apparently, Brandt is “a compelling new author with a family history in law enforcement spanning several generations.”




Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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