Albert Samson

Created by Michael Z. Lewin (1942--) Hard-boiled detective fiction has always claimed to be superior to other sub-genres, based on its realism. Since Raymond Chandler, hard-boiled authors have claimed that their work deals with real social issues, life as it is truly lived in the underbelly of society. As thinking readers should know, this is … Continue reading Albert Samson

Colton Parker (Brandt Dodson)

Created by Brandt Dodson According to his creator, private investigator COLTON PARKER is "a man who is troubled. A recent widower who is raising a rebellious teenage daughter, Colton often takes missteps that create his problems. But, he is also capable of learning from his mistakes." He goes on to add that he is also "a … Continue reading Colton Parker (Brandt Dodson)

Frank Behr

Created by David Levien   Talk about your auspicious debuts... Ostensibly a private eye procedural, author David Levien's City of the Sun (2008) introduced aging but still formidable former Indianapolis cop FRANK BEHR, as he tried to track down twelve-year old Jamie Gabriel who'd been missing for over a year. But what this book really … Continue reading Frank Behr