Ginger Mitchell

Created by Eric Ugland

Drawn back to her hometown of Portland by her mom’s apparent suicide, GINGER MITCHELL chucks her gig as a Vegas “dancer.”

But I guess nobody told Ginger you can’t go back home again. Sure, Portland’s all hip and cool, but there’s an underside to the city that’s dark and nasty, and Ginger thinks somebody should do something.

Somebody like her, it turns out. So she takes all her cash from her days as a working girl and sets herself up as a private eye.

One of the neat things about this series is how the author present’s Ginger’s adventures–they’re delivered as a series of interconnected novellas (six per book) that unspool, telling the whole story in short, punchy installments.

According to his amazon bio, the author “ran away from Seattle to join the circus. And then he came to his senses, and moved to Manhattan. Now he’s a novelist in Los Angeles. Don’t worry, it doesn’t make sense to him either.”


  • “Home Is Where the Start Is” (2019, Roseland: Volume One)
  • “The Ruth Is Out There” (2019, Roseland: Volume One)
  • “The Body in the Pool” (2019, Roseland: Volume One)
  • “Amber Alert” (2019, Roseland: Volume One)
  • “Jane Dead” (2019, Roseland: Volume One)
  • “Welcome to Roseland” (2019, Roseland: Volume One)
  • “Typhoid Larry” (2019, Roseland: Volume Two)
  • “So Tong, Farewell” (2019, Roseland: Volume Two)
  • “Death Comes from Behind” (2019, Roseland: Volume Two)
  • “Scratch ‘n’ Snitch” (2019, Roseland: Volume Two)
  • “Slightly Off-Killer” (2019, Roseland: Volume Two)
  • “To Unleash the Beast” (2019, Roseland: Volume Two)
  • “Attack the Doc” (2020, Roseland: Volume Three)
  • “Killing Cousins” (2020, Roseland: Volume Three)
  • “Gold Riggers” (2020, Roseland: Volume Three)
  • “Belittle Women” (2020, Roseland: Volume Three)
  • “Dead Be a Lady Tonight” (2020, Roseland: Volume Three)
  • “End Her Game” (2020, Roseland: Volume Three)


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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