John Denson

Created by Richard Hoyt "I'm a gentleman and a scholar; would you care for some screw-top?" -- Denson greets a client in Decoys Consider him Gonzo-lite. Or maybe a New Age Northwest reincarnation of Shell Scott. Or just a hippy-dippy eye who has certainly inhaled. But there's no denying that Pacific Northwest private eye JOHN … Continue reading John Denson

Leo Waterman

Created by G.M. Ford (1945-2021) Should you judge a private eye by the company he keeps? A hapless, rumpled, heart-on-his-sleeve, middle-aged, grumpy smart-ass, Seattle private eye LEO WATERMAN stumbles from one quixotic case to another, in this highly-entertaining, sometimes laugh-out-loud funny, critically-acclaimed series, by G.M. Ford. Aiding him in his escapades are "the boys," a … Continue reading Leo Waterman

Frank Corso

Created by G.M. Ford FRANK CORSO is a reclusive renegade newshawk with a conscience. As an up-and-coming journalist in New York City, he became involved in a nasty libel suit which cost him his reputation and almost his career. Tail between his legs, he ended up on the west coast working for the third-rate Seattle … Continue reading Frank Corso

Ginger Mitchell

Created by Eric Ugland Drawn back to her hometown of Portland by her mom's apparent suicide, GINGER MITCHELL chucks her gig as a Vegas "dancer." But I guess nobody told Ginger you can't go back home again. Sure, Portland's all hip and cool, but there's an underside to the city that's dark and nasty, and … Continue reading Ginger Mitchell

Harry Nile

Created by Jim French (1928-2017) Not all radio detectives are only available in re-runs from sometimes dubious old-time radio outlets. Here's one radio detective still very much on the case. HARRY NILE, a fictional private detective in Los Angeles and Seattle during the 1940's and 50's, is the title character of a long-running and much … Continue reading Harry Nile

Alma Rosales

Created by Katrina¬†Carrasco Mama, don't let your babies grown up to be cowgirls? All of a sudden, female operatives for turn-of-the-century (the last one) detective agencies are hot. But some are hotter than others. Particularly bi-sexual "half-Mexican" ALMA ROSALES, a square peg in the increasingly corporate round hole that the Pinkerton Detective Agency had already … Continue reading Alma Rosales