Frank Corso

Created by G.M. Ford

FRANK CORSO is a reclusive renegade newshawk with a conscience. As an up-and-coming journalist in New York City, he became involved in a nasty libel suit which cost him his reputation and almost his career. Tail between his legs, he ended up on the west coast working for the third-rate Seattle Sun and its proprietor, Natalie Van Der Hoven.

The first book in the series is Fury (2001), which revolves around one of Corso’s early pieces for the Sun about the “Trashman” crimes, a series of gruesome rapes and murders. Frank wasn’t convinced that the police department’s suspect, Walter Leroy Himes, was the Trashman. The book opens with Himes’s execution date approaching, and the prosecution’s star witness claiming that she was coerced by the police into incriminating Himes. Corso’s ‘partner’ in his ensuing investigation is Meg Dougherty, a freelance photographer who has worked for the Sun. Meg’s legal career was cut short when a former boyfriend drugged her and covered most of her body with bizarre tattoos. She’s sharp, tough and more than able to hold her own.

Author G.M. Ford is probably best known for his popular, easy-going Leo Waterman series, and this series starts out right away both darker and tighter, but with the same trademark storytelling and even a cameo by Leo that fans of the affable Seattle eye will enjoy..




Respectfully submitted by Dale Stoyer.

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