Rocco Conigliaro

Created by Gordon DeMarco (1944-95)


All the semi-retired San Francisco gumshoe wants is a nice quiet peaceful vacation, visiting  his Italian relatives in Edinburgh and tasking in The Fringe, the city’s legendary annual arts festival and the world’s largest performance arts festival that takes place in Scotland every August.

But then a Chilean playwright with definite Marxist sympathies is murdered the day before his latest play open (don’t you just hate when that happens?), and Rocco-a fish  out of water–is dragged into the investigation.


Beats me. He wrote the Riley Kovachs books, which were laced with labor and radical themes and set in California, and this one, about another San Francisco eye who gets dragged into a murder investigation that’s also drenched in politics.


  • “DeMarco looks at Edinburgh with a tourist’s eye, albeit a highly perceptive tourist, and his narrative comes alive with some acute reflections on the nature of British politics and with evocative glimpses of local pubs, literary types, and scruffy students.”
    — Booklist
  • “DeMarco has a rather irritating habit of stressing how well he knows San Francisco/Edinburgh, but he does well at integrating left-wing principles with tough action.”
    John Conquest (1990, Trouble is Their Business)


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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