Rocco Conigliaro

Created by Gordon DeMarco (1944-95) Poor ROCCO CONIGLIARO! All the semi-retired San Francisco gumshoe wants is a nice quiet peaceful vacation, visiting  his Italian relatives in Edinburgh and tasking in The Fringe, the city’s legendary annual arts festival and the world's largest performance arts festival that takes place in Scotland every August. But then a Chilean … Continue reading Rocco Conigliaro

Riley Kovachs

Created by Gordon DeMarco(1944-95) This series reads like Sam Spade, but with Hammett’s political anger jammed right in your face. And I mean right in your face. If you're leaning to the left and just biding time, waiting for the revolution, RILEY KOVACHS is worth checking out. He works the politically-charged mean streets of Hammett's city … Continue reading Riley Kovachs