Solar Pons

Created by August Derleth (1909-71) "How many budding authors, not even old enough to vote, could have captured the spirit and atmosphere with as much fidelity?" -- Ellery Queen on"The Norcross Riddle" One of the most popular--and certainly the longest-running--Sherlock Holmes pastiches of all comes from the heart of the American Midwest. When he was … Continue reading Solar Pons

Mike Faraday

Created by Basil Copper (1924-2013) "It was hot in Jinty's Bar, a damned sight too hot for comfort." -- the opening of The Dark Mirror "A¬†damned sight too hot for comfort"? Starting with his first appearance in The Dark Mirror in 1966, hard-boiled Los Angeles private eye MIKE FARADAY¬†was around for years, dazzling 'em in … Continue reading Mike Faraday