Bart Hardin

Created by David Alexander (1907-1973) Broadway is his beat. BART HARDIN was the rambling, gambling two-fisted editor of The Broadway Times, who starred in eight novels back in the fifties, fondly remembered these days for, among other things, living above a flea circus in a Times Square tenement. The Broadway Times was essentially a throwaway … Continue reading Bart Hardin

Tommy “Twotoes” Tuthill & Terry Bob Rooke

Created by David Alexander (1907-1973) TOMMY "TWOTOES" TUTHILL and TERRY BOB ROOKE are a New York detective team similar to Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin, who appeared in two novels by David Alexander back in the fifties. From what I can piece together, Terry is decidedly more downscale than Archie -- he's a recovered Bowery … Continue reading Tommy “Twotoes” Tuthill & Terry Bob Rooke