The Cheaper the Crook

The Crime Films of Elisha Cook, Jr. "... noir's most valuable supporting player." -- Jake Hinkson in Noir Goon Squad "I played rats, pimps, informers, hopheads and communists... I didn't have the privilege of reading scripts. Guys called me up and said, 'You're going to work tomorrow.' " -- Cook recalls the life of a … Continue reading The Cheaper the Crook

B.T. Brady

Created by Barbara Avedon, Barbara Corday, Barney Rozenweig, Terry Louise Fisher, Steve Brown, Clifford Hoelscher and Jean Hoelscher "Just like in a Dick Powell movie, a gigantic black hole opened up at my feet and I dived right in..." -- B.T. Brady, in voiceover How many people does it take to write one of these things, anyway? In … Continue reading B.T. Brady

Sam Spade, Junior

Created by Don M. Mankiewicz and Gordon Cotler With a heavy debt to Dashiell Hammett Why is everyone after George Segal's bird? --tagline for the film In The Black Bird (1975, Columbia), an occasionally entertaining tribute/spoof of the classic John-Huston directed, Bogie-starring gumshoe classic flick from 1941, The Maltese Falcon (based, of course, on Dashiell Hammett's equally … Continue reading Sam Spade, Junior