Mel Samson (Too Late)

Created by Dennis Huack "I need to change my life." -- Mel Samson MEL SAMSON is the hapless L.A. private eye centrepiece in Too Late, a twisted little bit of cinematic chess perpetrated by writer/director Dennis Hauck that plays with all your favourite P.I. and noir tropes (circa 2016) in all-new ways, thanks to a … Continue reading Mel Samson (Too Late)

Mike Kendall (Small Town Crime)

Created by Eshom Nelms and Ian Nelms Client: "You drunk?" Mike: "I'm comfortable." Fresh off 2016's entertaining little P.I. mind-fuck Too Late and a small but engaging role in 2017's Oscar-contending Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri comes actor John Hawkes in yet another juicy performance, once again as a battered yet oddly compelling loser. Small … Continue reading Mike Kendall (Small Town Crime)