Gillian Hazeltine

Created by George F. Worts Pseudonyms include Loring Brent (1892-1967) Was GILLIAN HAZELTINE the inspiration for Erle Stanley Gardner’s Perry Mason? He was once one of the more popular lawyer/sleuth series characters from the pulps; but now almost totally forgotten. He was a long-running series character, a criminal attorney and investigator who appeared in almost thirty … Continue reading Gillian Hazeltine

HBO’S Perry Mason

It's the Stubble, Stupid! After wading through the sordid wallow that was HBO’s PERRY MASON, my first urge was to dig up some of my tattered paperbacks by Erle Stanley Gardner, or stream a few episodes of the old TV show starring Raymond Burr. I might even dig up some of the flicks from the … Continue reading HBO’S Perry Mason

Paul Drake

Created by Erle Stanley Gardner (1889-1970) Appearing in books, in movies, and television, he's one of the most enduring hard-boiled private eyes of all time, yet he has never been the lead, always playing second fiddle to his famous client. That detective is, of course, PAUL DRAKE, the preferred investigator for none other than Erle … Continue reading Paul Drake

Feature Books

Some of the Most Collectible P.I. Comics of All!   FEATURE BOOKS was started by the David McKay Publishing Company in 1937, and distributed by King Features Syndicate. It was the first comic book company to devote complete issues to single characters. At first they mostly reprinted the popular newspaper strips of the time, such … Continue reading Feature Books