Timothy Lea

Created by Timothy Lea Pseudonym of Christopher Wood  (1935-2015) Part of a long-running string of "autographical" slap-and-tickle soft-core paperbacks by Britsh writer Timothy Lea, Confessions of a Private Dick (1975), found series regulars TIMOTHY LEA and his brother-in-law Sid once more unemployed. Not too surprising, perhaps, given that they're not exactly the sharpest chisels in the … Continue reading Timothy Lea

Tokey Wedge

Created by Jack Lynn Pseudonym of Max van derVeer (1927-79) "What Suddenly transformed five different women into five uncontrollable beasts of passion?" -- blurb for Nympho Lodge "The hard tips of her breasts shown through the thin pajama top like giant-size pencil erasers." -- Broad Bait First of all, let's get this straight. Women just can't … Continue reading Tokey Wedge

Mike Travis

Created by M.E. Knerr (1936-99) Travis, a 1962 paperback original, marks the debut and probably only appearance in print of MIKE TRAVIS, a “sailor of fortune, who loves life, and woman, especially women.” It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what other reasonably well-known character was the inspiration for him. As we are … Continue reading Mike Travis