“Call on Me” by Glenn Frey

1993, Words and Music by Glenn Frey and Jack Tempchin To be honest, this isn't all that great a song, but it has the distinction of being the theme song for a television private eye show that was not just sung by the star, but WRITTEN by the star. Not that the TV show in … Continue reading “Call on Me” by Glenn Frey

Cody McMahon (South of Sunset)

Created by John Byrum and Stan Rogow This Eagle didn't fly... But it sure landed. Once upon a time the airwaves were inundated with private eyes, but by the Fall 1993 TV season, the pickings were getting mighty slim. There were exactly two P.I. shows scheduled on American television: Moon Over Miami, a frothy but … Continue reading Cody McMahon (South of Sunset)