Created by Parker Bilal
Pseudonym of Jamal Mahjoub

Former Sudanese police inspector MAKANA is a refugee still trying to overcome a life of tragedy and heartbreak, a mostly despised outsider living in Cairo on a waterlogged houseboat docked in the Nile, scraping by as a low-rent private detective in a world of the ancient poor and the nouvelle riche, old hatreds and new rivalries, Muslim extremists, Russian gangsters, volatile politics and soul-rotting corruption.

Parker Bilal is the pseudonym of Jamal Mahjoub. Born in London but brought up in Sudan, he originally trained as a geologist, but is best known for writing, under his own name, several critically acclaimed literary novels, including In the Hour of Signs, Travelling with Djinns, The Carrier, and The Drift Latitudes. He currently lives in Barcelona.



Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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