Dave Strickland

Created by Thomas D. Davis

DAVE STRICKLAND is a private investigator who calls San Jose, California his turf. His first appearance, in 1991’s Suffer Little Children, scooped a Shamus for Best First P.I. Novel.

What’s most surprising, though, is the series’ religious overtones, and Dave’s ongoing struggles with his faith — themes you don’t come across often in this genre. Dave’s a lapsed Christian, still reeling from his infant daughter’s crib death and his wife’s suicide. In Suffer Little Children,  he’s hired by Reverend Bauer  to find his five-year-old son Billy, who suffers from Tourette’s syndrome, and throughout the series, Davis tries, not always successfully, to deal with  his memories and his loss of faith.

I don’t mind downbeat, but Dave’s downright depressing. In fact, he’s a mope. He gets beat up regularly, and the constant refrain of tragedy and misery both Dave and his clients have to endure gets wearisome after a while. Still, for those who aren’t afraid to follow Dave as he wrestles with his many demons may enjoy this wallow.


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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