Beverly Laborde &  Adam Dutton

Created by B.V. Lawson This oddball team-up squeak onto this site just under the wire--neither BEVERLY LABORDE or ADAM DUTTON is a private eye. In fact, Dutton's a friggin' police officer! In Vermont! But with sexy scamster Laborde helping him with some off-the-books investigations, that's close enough to rock'n'roll for me. And boy, does the sad sack … Continue reading Beverly Laborde &  Adam Dutton

Scott Drayco

Created by B.V. Lawson Handsome former classical piano whiz SCOTT DRAYCO never dreamed he'd end up working for the FBI for years, never mind setting himself up in the the private sector as a battle-scarred "crime consultant." But then he never expected to inherit a falling down Opera House, either. But that's what's happened. A … Continue reading Scott Drayco