Slam Bradley (Gotham City: Year One)

Created by Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson Developed by Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel Written by Tom King Comics. They’re not just for kids anymore. In case ya hadn’t noticed… Certainly, Gotham City: Year One , a 2022-23 mini-series from DC Comics, will have plenty of ten-year-olds (and more than a few long-time Batman fans) scratching their heads. Yeah, … Continue reading Slam Bradley (Gotham City: Year One)

Speed Saunders

Created by E.C. Stoner & Creig Flessel (art) "Oh, well, only three miles to shore and I needed a bath anyway."-- Speed gets tossed off a boat by smugglers One of Detective Comics' first gumshoes (he made his debut alongside fellow eyes Slam Bradley in the very first issue way back in 1935), SPEED SAUNDERS was … Continue reading Speed Saunders

Roy Raymond, Jr.

Created by Chuck Dixon A decidedly minor addition to private detectives to have appeared in DC Comics, ROY RAYMOND Jr. made his debut as a minor character in Robin (#38, in March 1997, to be precise). He was, of course, the grandson (or was it son?) of the fondly remembered Roy Raymond, TV Detective, who had starred in … Continue reading Roy Raymond, Jr.

Roy Raymond, TV Detective

Created by "Jack Miller (?) and Ruben Moreira (art) Everyone loved this Raymond. The first great private eye to appear in Detective Comics, rough-and-tumble Slam Bradley, a two-fisted, hard-boiled throwback to the pulp era, made his last regularly scheduled appearance in 1949 in issue #152. The very next issue marked the debut of a decidedly more modern … Continue reading Roy Raymond, TV Detective

Slam Bradley

Created by Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson Developed by Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel Before there was Mike Hammer, before there was Johnny Dynamite, before there was even Batman, there was... SLAM BRADLEY! He was the original two-fisted, fightin'-mad (and occasionally pipe-sucking) comic book shamus, who slugged his way through the mean streets (of Cleveland, Ohio?) in the … Continue reading Slam Bradley

Johnny Peril

Created by Howard Purcell JOHNNY PERIL was a comic book private eye created by Howard Purcell who usually found himself caught up in all kinds of weird suspense tales, bouncing around in the back pages of various All-American (and later DC) titles. Not much is known about his past (as in, nobody gave him one … Continue reading Johnny Peril

Detectives in DC Comics

  Remember when there were actual detectives doing actual detective work in Detective Comics? Known now as the home of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, many younger fans may not realize that when comics giant DC's flagship title Detective Comics first came out in March 1937, it was simply a kid-friendly comic book version of … Continue reading Detectives in DC Comics

Nathaniel Dusk

Created by Don McGregor and Gene Colan NATHANIEL DUSK was a 1930's private eye walking the mean streets of Depression-era New York City in two wonderful comic book mini-series put out by DC in the mid-eighties. No masks, no tights, no super-powers, it marked a real return to DC's Detective Comics roots, and the days … Continue reading Nathaniel Dusk

Larry Steele

Created by Will Ely Pseudonym of Will Georgi. Other psedonyms include John William Ely One of DC Comic's first gumshoes, making his debut in issue number five of the seminal Detective Comics, strapping young LARRY STEELE was a rookie private eye, a clean cut man about town from a "good family," still learning the ropes of … Continue reading Larry Steele