Jack Morgan, Peter Knight, Dan Carter, Chris Schneider, Craig Gisto, Santosh Wagh, Joey Montague et al (Private)

Created by James Patterson, Maxine Paetro, Mark Sullivan, Mark Pearson, Michael White, Ashwin Sanghi, Rees Jones, Jassy Mackenzie et al I've heard so many bad and even cruel things from writers and readers whom I generally respect about James Patterson's writing--tempered by equally effusive but vague praise by diehard fans--that I really had little real … Continue reading Jack Morgan, Peter Knight, Dan Carter, Chris Schneider, Craig Gisto, Santosh Wagh, Joey Montague et al (Private)

Georg Wilsberg

Created by Jürgen Kehrer (1956--) As popular and influential as the series of novels by German author Jürgen Kehrer about Münster private eye GEORG WILSBERG may be (the author consciously tried to avoid most of the tropes of American detective fiction, presenting an unassuming, decidedly German small town private eye who was neither heroic nor particularly tough), Wilsberg's biggest … Continue reading Georg Wilsberg

Count Heinrich von Alternberg/Henry Altern

Created by Brian Clemens Now here's a name you don't hear everyday: COUNT HEINRICH von ALTERNBERG. No wonder he changed it. It seems Heinrich was the prodigal son, returned home to England to discover that the vast wealth and estate his German father had left him was toast, and that he was virtually penniless. A … Continue reading Count Heinrich von Alternberg/Henry Altern

Bernie Gunther

Created by Philip Kerr (1956-2018) "Murders were a lot easier to catch before Hitler came to power... for one thing, they weren't so thick on the ground as they are now." -- Bernie in The One from the Other When we first meet him, in March Violets (1989), BERNIE GUNTHER is a former German soldier … Continue reading Bernie Gunther

Gerhard Maier

Created by Tom Vater Born and raised in East Germany before the wall came down, GERHARD MAIER was an international war correspondent stationed in Southeast Asia, and is now a private investigator working the same region for a Hamburg-based agency in a trilogy of books by journalist Tom Vater. He's forty-something, a big-shouldered, green-eyed guy who speaks … Continue reading Gerhard Maier