Henry Po

Created by Robert J. Randisi Pseudonyms include Robert Leigh, Joe Roberts,W. B. Longley, Robert Lake, Spenser Fortune, Joshua Randall, Tom Cutter, J.R. Roberts, Joseph Meek, Cole Weston, Lew Baines, Paul Ledd, Spencer Fortune and Jon Sharpe House pseudonyms include Nick Carter and Warren Murphy (1951--) HENRY PO's job as an investigator for the New York … Continue reading Henry Po

“Just Plain” Jones

Created by Norbert Davis (1909-49) "My feet are killing me." -- "Just Plain" Jones An investigator for The Suburban Mortgage and Trust Company, "JUST PLAIN" JONES is an endearing character, as tough as any pulp eye, complete with brass knucks, and a .38 Police Positive, but plagued by sore feet. Jones only appeared in one … Continue reading “Just Plain” Jones

Pete Wennick

Created by Erle Stanley Gardner Pseudonyms include A.A. Fair, Grant Holiday, Carleton Kendrake, Charles J. Kenney, Charles M. Green,  Kyle Corning, Les Tillray and Robert Parr (1889-1970) Freewheeling legal troubleshooter PETE WENNICK, who appeared in three Black Mask stories in the late thirtes, is an interesting character in Erle Stanley Gardner's long list of semi-scrupulous characters. He … Continue reading Pete Wennick