“Just Plain” Jones

Created by Norbert Davis

“My feet are killing me.”
— “Just Plain” Jones

An investigator for The Suburban Mortgage and Trust Company, “JUST PLAIN” JONES is an endearing character, as tough as any pulp eye, complete with brass knucks, and a .38 Police Positive, but plagued by sore feet.

Jones only appeared in one story, as far as I can tell, but his tender tootsies were a great hook, bringing a touch of world-weary humanity to the guy, and clearly a forerunner to some of pulpster Davis’ later, greater pulp detectives, such as “Bail Bond” Dodd, Max Latin, Doan & Carstairs and Ben Shaley.


  • “Something For the Sweeper” (May 1937, Dime Detective)
Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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