The Autobiography of Matthew Scudder (An Excerpt)

By Lawrence Block Not for the first time, I’ve been invited to write about Matthew Scudder—not to produce another slightly fictionalized rendition of one of his cases, though I’m assured such would be welcome, but to furnish a biographical report on the man himself. I can understand why I might be singled out for such … Continue reading The Autobiography of Matthew Scudder (An Excerpt)

From Spenser to Yeats: Jane Yeats, That Is

Feminism's Version of the Hard-boiled Sleuth is on the Wagon and Rides a Harley An Essay by Jill Edmondson    Start with one serving of fingertips severed during a rather unfortunate version of Miller time. Blend in a blinding hangover buttressed by a British beer. Add the roar of a Harley drowning out the raspy hacking … Continue reading From Spenser to Yeats: Jane Yeats, That Is

Sex… and Crime Fiction

An Essay by Jill Edmondson "A dirty book is rarely dusty." -- unknown SEX! Now that I have your attention, let's start off with a couple of disconnects. First, the claim that "sex sells." Next is the recognition that in crime fiction readers can find detailed, graphic, visceral descriptions of death and dying, but not … Continue reading Sex… and Crime Fiction

Lawrence Block

(1938--) Pseudonyms include William Ard, Ben Christopher, Anne Campbell Clark, Lee Duncan, Jill Emerson, Chip Harrison, Paul Kavanagh, Sheldon Lord, Andrew Shaw, B.L. Lawrence, John Warren Wells "If Block were a serial killer instead of one of the best storytellers of our time, we'd be in real trouble." -- Publisher's Weekly LAWRENCE BLOCK just bugs … Continue reading Lawrence Block